Photography is My Passion

Other than traveling, another passion I take a deep and personal interest to is photography. In fact, I am more inclined to believe that I travel so I can do more photography. It may come as a surprise to those who personally know me that photography is something I have only enkindled with later in my life.

Having been part of American Airlines for about 26 years has entitled me to take hold of my first passion which is traveling, and brought me to places far and wide – perhaps more than any other regular person is warranted to. Maybe suffice it to say that I have traveled well enough in my lifetime. And the experience was so much to contain in words. Seeing new places and new faces is an entirely enriching opportunity. To see the world in a much closer view and far more different perspective is a venture I would not want to trade for anything else. Watching the wind caroming terrains and snow-capped mountains or lush greeneries in some distant paradise is a worthwhile experience. Being able to look at beautiful and picturesque view from your hotel room seems to beg for a momentary thought from you.

Even the hustle and bustle of people in a crowded café or piazza outside centuries-old edifices bring in a sudden moment of rush, like a thousand butterflies in your heart wanting to be captured. Perhaps it was this same reason why I took to photography. Capturing an event in its unguarded moment is a valuable instance, more so with people and things that would have been otherwise dull and ordinary. Photography allows you to be in that moment, freezing time in what might have been just a split second occurrence.

Yes, photography was something I only took upon after I left AA in 2005. After I attended a workshop on wildlife photography in a ranch in Utah, I immediately got an instant penchant for this art. And it has remained with me to this day.

There is an explainable feeling when photographing wildlife. Up close, these animals against majestic sceneries seem to evoke a distant view of an untouched paradise, almost euphoric that you just want to stay there for a bit longer. When I had the chance to visit South Africa in 2006 alongside my two daughters and a couple of friends, I had the most wonderful time of my life. We spent several days gazing upon exotic animals roaming freely in the area and photographing them. In Sabi Sabi where we stayed for four days, I had the chance to see the wildlife at a closer glance, bringing each intimate encounter a moment of bliss for me. As a matter of fact, they became my perennial subject for the next three years since that day and prompted me to return to Africa four more times as if I wasn’t able to have my fill. It’s a majestic paradise, punctuated by the magnificence of these wildlife beauties.

I have now diversified into other subjects, photographing landscapes, people and a motley of interesting things. To better explore other avenues and subjects, I started my own Project 365, photographing varied people, objects and scenes and posting them on my blog every day for one whole year.

Currently, I belong to the Photography Club of Lower Fairfield County and Secretary of the Norwalk Camera Club; I am also a member of the Fairfield Photographers Network. I have participated in several photography competitions in these clubs and won in many of these endeavors including the distinct honor of being the “Photographer of the Year” three times. I also did well in many other competitions across New England.

Blackrock Connecticut is my current residence, although I lived in many other cities across the country including New York, Half Moon Bay, La Jolla and Dallas. A new blog, which I started in 2012, is what keeps me busy at the moment. And – given how exciting and enthralling photography is – I sure will be around for some time to capture and seize that wonderfully delightful “photographic moment”. It is, after all, one of my two loved passions.